About GEDmatch PRO™

What is GEDmatch PRO™?

GEDmatch PRO™ is a dedicated portal designed to support police and forensic teams with investigative comparisons to GEDmatch data. The portal separates police comparisons of GEDmatch data from standard genealogy activities and offers a range of tools most relevant to help further investigations.

GEDmatch PRO™ accepts uploads from all the data sources GEDmatch supports. It will also accept data from the ForenSeq Kintelligence Kit, the Verogen forensic genetic genealogy assay designed specifically for forensic sample analysis.

Who can access the portal? Anyone authorized to upload law enforcement kits and perform forensic genealogy comparisons can register for an account. All GEDmatch user data is available for matching for the purpose of human remains identification. Only GEDmatch user data consented for use in law enforcement matching is available for comparison for the purpose of identifying perpetrators of violent crimes.